Authentic Gaits DVD Series:

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Cantering the Gaited Horse

series Volume 2        $29.95 plus S & H

A comprehensive guide to the often challenging task of achieving a balanced, deliberate and correct 3 beat canter with your gaited horse.


  • Understanding the bio-mechanics of the canter

  • Common problems encountered when cantering

  • Correct vs. incorrect or faulty

  • When is your gaited horse ready for canter?

  • Training and cueing canter departure and correct leads

  • Improving the lateral canter or Pace-lope

  • Flying lead changes

  • Uniqueness of the Rocking Chair Canter

This step by step instructional video is 52 minutes and encompasses many horses correctly cantering, as well as shows first stage training and later development of 2 walking horse geldings as they take their early steps in training this delightful gait. When you are ready to get this wonderful gear into your gaited horse's repertoire this detailed instruction will not only get you informed but get you excited to start.

Those who prefer can mail a check made payable to "Anita Howe" for the amounts above, and I will ship the DVD to you immediately upon clearance of payment.


Mail check to: Anita Howe, Howe They Walk Farm, 3820 Claud Rd, Eclectic, AL  36024

"The Running Walk and Intermediate Gaits"


Volume 1 in the new DVD series on natural gait training and correction : 

See what it looks like as you learn what it feels like and how to help your horse attain it!


Watch well over an hour of video and graphics utilizing side by side comparison, and slow motion illustrations to visually learn about the intermediate easy gaits.  Anita Howe demonstrates on over 20 horses how make those critical transitions from the foundation flatfoot walk to the intermediate speed easy gaits your horse has been bred for. 


Running walk, flatfoot walk (flatwalk), stepping pace, pace, fox trot, rack and saddle gaits.  Learn how to help your horse avoid the off balance posture that produces the pace and trot to self carry a smooth and gliding 4 beat gait.


Authentic Gaits series...

Destined to be a full 6 disc set, this series will become the definitive aid for those who want to gait naturally.


Understand how to unleash the inherent easy gait abilities already within your horse; what, why and how he moves as he does. Work with your horse to release him into his authentic gaits that will be a delight for both of you. No mechanics, no gimmicks, just you and your horse working together in natural partnership. Barefoot or keg shod, help your horse choose to give you his Authentic Gaits. Order here to use credit card, debit card or PayPal balance: ( AL residence add 5% sales tax )